Mayfair Listed House

Hodgkinson Design acted as architects and designers for this Grade 2 Listed project to create a family home. A major focus of the project was driven by the re construction of the original cantilevered stone staircase.
The building had been bomb damaged during the war and had subsequently been patched up. On inspection we discovered that more extensive structural work was required and arranged for the appointment of a specialist conservation Structural Engineer at Conisbee to work with us.
Once the main contractors had started on site we discovered that the party and stair enclosure walls were not actually tied into the rear wall of the house and that the stair enclosure wall had dropped significantly (possibly as a result of nearby WW2 bomb damage). This had fractured the stone staircase half landings.
We had to structurally tie the walls back together and replace the half landings with reinforced concrete landings to stabilise the original staircase and then dress the concrete to look like the original landings.
Alongside the repair work to this staircase we obtained Planning and Listed Building Consent for a rear extension to the basement and ground floor and small first floor south facing terrace. The ground floor rear extension looks out on a small but secluded courtyard adjacent to the kitchen and ideal for outdoor dining.
This Georgian property now feels like a smart elegant home ideal for a busy family.